Frontend developer
and foodie


Self-motivated developer who enjoys challenges

I worked in the hospitality industry for almost 10 years where I developed strong communication skills and problem-solving skills. Currently I'm studying frontend programming in Stockholm, Sweden.

I develop webpages using mainly React and JavaScript. I'm familiar with Node.js and have experience with packages such as Express, Socket.IO and SQL databases.

I'm a person who loves challenges and have a large curiosity. When I'm not coding, you'll find me in nature.


My portfolio

This portfolio. I designed from scratch. I used framer-motion for animation. Further details on GitHub.

Othello (Reversi)

The board game "Othello (Reversi)". This project was started to practice Node.js and Socket.IO after I found backend programming was also fun. Communication between the server and the client is handled by socket.io.

E-commerce website

A mock e-commerce web site. This was the final assignment for our framework course. Built with help of Fake store API and Chakra for components.