My portfolio

This portfolio. I designed from scratch. I used framer-motion for animation. Further details on GitHub.

Othello (Reversi)

The board game "Othello (Reversi)". This project was started to practice Node.js and Socket.IO after I found backend programming was also fun. Communication between the server and the client is handled by

E-commerce website

A mock e-commerce web site. This was the final assignment for our framework course. Built with help of Fake store API and Chakra for components.

To do list (React)

Classic to-do list that you can add and remove tasks. This is a very first react application that I build. I have vue version in the exact same design.

Funky Snake

Snake game. Built in vanilla JavaScript and html. It allows to play up to 2 players. Snakes are controlled by keyboard.

To do list (Vue)

Classic to-do list. I have react version in the exact same design.